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Thanks to its tiltable back heel, you can fully open the shoe and, consequently, simply slip the foot almost as easily as in a shoe. Easy Up's clever BOA lacing system then closes the tilting heel and adjusts the shoe to fit the foot perfectly. Therefore there are no pressure points on the instep that are common with laces and Velcro. Thanks to the simplicity of its lacing system, the user can put on and fasten the shoe with one hand.

How do they work?
Just remove the dial, open the spoiler and insert the foot; push back the dial and turn it clockwise to close, thus adapting the shoe to the foot.
Some Easy Up models have a rear dial, some have a side that is probably the best choice for wheelchair users or those with limited autonomy. Also, those who only wear a splint will probably no longer need to look for shoes of different sizes or made-to-measure, as the Easy Up would fit even in these circumstances. The smart lacing system will make the shoe fit like a glove and if there is still space to fill, you can use the spacers that come with the shoes. The Easy Up are also suitable for additional orthopedic insoles (not included).

- Normal or perforated calf lining;
- FLEXY option for those who need the most flexible EVA sole;

The Easy Up shoes are produced to order, therefore the delivery can take from 3 to 5 weeks from the purchase.


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